5 October 2022 That cyclone of Calcutta, 60 thousand people died


New Delhi. If we turn the pages of history, many such interesting and important facts will come out which were never known before. On 1 October (5 October 2022), very special events happened all over the world, which is important for every citizen to know. Many incidents were very pleasant, while many accidents shook the whole world. UP City is going to present you the history of 5th October in front of you. Which is extremely important.

On this day i.e. on October 5, 1864, a cyclonic storm caused great destruction in the coastal state of West Bengal in India. There was a severe flood in the city of Calcutta (Kolkata). This storm had taken 60 thousand lives. After the cyclone left, thousands of lives were lost due to infection. This storm, which arose in the Bay of Bengal, destroyed the entire city and port. It took many years to rebuild it. After this, in the year 1865, for the first time in the country, a warning system for sea storms was created. Then Calcutta became the first port to give a cyclone signal.

Important Events of 5 October
The East India Company got the right to mint Indian currency in Mumbai from the King of England in 1676.
– Women of Paris marched to Versailles in 1789 during the French Revolution.
In the city of Calcutta in 1864, about 60,000 people died due to cyclone.
-Alonzo T. Cross patented the first ball point pen in 1880.
The monarchy ended in Portugal and the republic was established in 1910.
Bulgaria took part in the First World War in 1915.
The first Cannes Film Festival concluded in 1946.
The 1948 earthquake in Ashkabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, killed 110,000 people.
The first film of the James Bond series ‘Dr. No’ was released in 1962.
Mira Sahib Biwi became the first woman judge of the Supreme Court in 1989.
Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 for his work in the field of human rights.
Announcement to honor Irish poet and litterateur Heeni with the 1995 Literature Prize in 1995.
The world’s cheapest tablet PC ‘Aakash’ was released in India in 2011 for Rs 2250.
The Supreme Court of India ruled in 2011 that the use of land acquired by the government or its departments for a specific purpose cannot be changed. Nor can this land be given to any person or commercial companies for personal use.
-Apple released the iPhone 4S in 2011, capable of sending SMS and e-mails by simply speaking.
people born on 5 october
One of the famous Veeraganna queens, Rani Durgavati was born in 1524.
-Louis Jean Lumire, who patented the cinematographer, was born in 1864,
Social reformer and freedom fighter Kishori Lal Mashruwala was born in 1890.
Ray Kroc, who turned McDonald’s into the world’s most successful food operation, was born in 1902.
Ram Chatur Mallick, singer of Dhrupad-Dhamar style, was born in 1902.
-Argentinian race car driver José Froylán González was born in 1922.
Australian cricketer and commentator Richie Beno was born in 1930.
Indian actor, comedian, political satirist, playwright, film director and advocate Cho Ramaswamy was born in 1934.
died on 5 October
Lord Cornwallis, the second Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of the British Raj in India, died in Ghazipur in 1805.
Durga Prasad Khatri, one of the famous Hindi novel writers, died in 1937.
Bhagwati Charan Verma, the leading litterateur of the Hindi world, died in 1981.
Indian professional billiards player Wilson Jones died in 2003.
Steve Jobs, the former chief executive and co-founder of Apple, has died in 2011 at the age of 56.
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