iPhone stayed in the sea for a year, the owner was shocked when the phone came out of the water


Apple iPhone: We all know that iPhones do not deteriorate even after being submerged in water. But, let us tell you that even a phone lying in the sea for a year is working, then you will surely be surprised.

We all know that iPhone is not damaged even in water.

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iPhone We all know that they do not deteriorate even after going into water. But, let us tell you that staying at sea for a year smartphone If it works too, you’ll be surprised. Yes, this case has come up in Britain, where a woman’s phone was lost at sea a year ago and now it has been found. And the special thing is that it is working quite well. Let us tell you about this news in detail.

How did the phone get lost at sea?

According to a report from The Sun UK, 39-year-old woman Claire Atfield was on an adventure sport when her Apple iPhone 8 Plus smartphone was lost in the sea. The report stated that on 4 August 2021 she fell from her board. And the phone was lost under the water. And now after a year he got his phone back.

After a total of 460 days, on November 7 this year, the phone washed ashore. And it was spotted by a man walking his pet dog on the beach. That’s how Claire got her phone back. And all the pictures stored in it were also found safe by him.

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How did the phone reach the woman again?

An old bank credit card and medical card were present along with the mobile phone cover. The medical card contained his mother’s contact information, with which the man could locate her. According to the report, he said that he is very surprised that the phone is still working perfectly properly. He said it was also surprising that the phone did not make it far after being washed.

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The British woman took up the sport of paddleboarding in April 2021. She said she was going out before work. So she always kept her phone close to her neck. But she was enjoying the game far out at sea and suddenly fell off the board. She said as he got back up and started walking forward. And that’s when he realized that he had lost his iPhone. The British woman said the phone was in a protective case that came with the paddleboard, so maybe that’s why it stayed there and didn’t go far.


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