Make A Video Call On Laptop With WhatsApp And Forget About The Phone; Follow These Instructions

WhatsApp Desktop Call: Follow these steps to make free WhatsApp voice and video calls on your laptop or smartphone.

WhatsApp Desktop Call: WhatsApp offers end-to-end encrypted video and voice calls to its users on Android, iOS and web versions. Users can connect with their contacts across cities or countries with WhatsApp calls that only require a stable internet connection. Now apart from your smartphones, you can also use it on your laptop. Share it You can use the calling feature.

WhatsApp Call Link feature allows group voice calling with up to 32 participants and group video calling with 8 participants. And more with its calling feature. Android and iOS users mostly prefer WhatsApp calls over cellular calls. WhatsApp internet users are still a bit confused about how to use the WhatsApp calling feature on their laptops. By following these steps you can easily enjoy the WhatsApp call connection feature.

Make A WhatsApp Desktop Call Like This

The WhatsApp desktop calling feature is only available for the WhatsApp for web app. The application supports these versions.

  • Mac OS X 10.10 and later
  • Windows 10 and above (64-bit version)
  • Windows 10 and above (32-bit version)

Install WhatsApp from your Microsoft Store or Mac App Store to make free WhatsApp voice and video calls. Apart from this, to make or accept calls on WhatsApp Desktop, you need to connect an audio output device and microphone to your computer, as well as allow WhatsApp to access your computer’s microphone and camera.

Note that WhatsApp Web does not support group calls. So users can make a voice or video call with only one user.

How To Make A Video Or Voice Call On WhatsApp Web

  • Open a private chat with the person you want to call.
  • After this click on video call or voice icon.
  • You can mute or unmute your microphone during a call by clicking the microphone icon, or start or stop your camera by clicking the camera icon.

How To Switch Between Voice and Video Calls On WhatsApp Web

During a voice call, you can request your contact to switch to a video call, or accept the call mode change by clicking Accept, or click Cancel to change or reject the call. Follow these steps to convert a call to a video call.

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  • Hover your mouse over the camera icon during a call.
  • After that click on camera icon.
  • If your contact accepts the switching request, your current voice call will be converted to a video call.

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