So now the sale of iPhone made in India has started in China, this is the whole matter


It has been claimed on social media that the iPhone 14 Pro Max made in India is also being sold in China. However, according to reports, a senior Apple technical advisor has confirmed that the iPhone 14 Pro Max is not made in India. See the full case here.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Image credit source: Apple

Recently, a news has surfaced, in which such a claim has been made Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max assembled in India has started selling in China. As soon as this news went viral on social media, people were very angry Made in India started singing. Indeed, a screenshot is going viral on social media, in which the package of iPhone 14 Pro Max is written Assemble in India. Seeing some lines in a language like Chinese made people even more confused. However, according to reports, a senior Apple technical advisor has refuted this claim.

Clearing the confusion associated with the iPhone seen in the viral photo, Apple’s senior technical advisor clarified that the iPhone seen in the viral photo is made in China. A senior Apple adviser told the Daily Reporter of the Science and Technology Innovation Board that iPhone parts are made in China and assembly is done in India. This means that the iPhone 14 Pro Max is still made in China.

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Made in India iPhones are exported

In September 2022, Apple admitted that it will manufacture the iPhone in India. The company exports Made in India iPhones to foreign markets. iPhone 14 Pro Max is being called Made in India on social media. However, the American brand has never said anything on making the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max in India. But one thing is quite clear that the company is not manufacturing the top model of the iPhone 14 series in India.

iPhone 14 is made in India

Let us tell you that Apple started its manufacturing in India with iPhone SE. Since then, the company has also started manufacturing iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series in India. Currently, Apple is manufacturing only iPhone 14 in India along with China. This does not mean that the iPhone 14 Pro model or the iPhone 14 Pro Max is also being manufactured in India.

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Apple’s next hub India

During the Corona period, China implemented strict regulations, which also affected its production capacity. According to JP Morgan’s analysis, India is the next hub for manufacturing Apple products. This will reduce the company’s dependence on China. The report claims that by 2025, one in four iPhone models will be made in India.

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