Telegram’s New Year’s Gift Delighted Users, Introducing Many Interesting Features

Telegram App: Telegram’s media editor has a new blur tool to fix sensitive data or photobombers. Apart from this, you can select the color using a total of five methods, including the eyedropper tool.

Telegram New Features: Social media platform telegram has Happy New Year 2023 We have tried our best to please the users on this occasion. The company has released new features as a New Year gift. telegram Users will benefit greatly from them while using them. Among these, you get many benefits like new ways to save space on your device, new drawing tools, recommended profile picture etc. Some features are released for Android users and some for iOS users. Here’s a look at what new features the social media giant has rolled out.

Some of the special features of Telegram include spoiler formatting. With this, users can remove text from photos and videos. In addition to this, users can now cover photos and videos with a shimmering layer that blurs the image. To do this, go to the Links menu, select one or more items, tap the menu and select ‘Hide with spoiler’.

Now The Memory Of The Phone Will Not Be Filled

The second feature of Social Media is zero storage usage, which means you can delete media and documents from your phone’s storage. With the help of this feature, users can re-download these files from Telegram cloud whenever they want. The company said, “For years, users could set a maximum cache size or manually delete unused items after a certain period of time.”

Telegram Auto Removal System

With Telegram’s update, users will be able to add different auto-removal settings for cached media in individual chats, groups and channels, in addition to selected chats. Telegram has reduced the time it takes to measure cache size on iOS. A new blur tool is also provided for Telegram’s media editor due to which users can get many benefits.

These Features are Also Included

In Telegram’s media editor, users can now fix important data or photobombers with the blur tool. Apart from this, the company has provided 5 great ways to choose the color including the eyedropper tool. Users can now change the size, font and background when adding text to photos and videos. Apart from this, if users don’t want everyone to see their current profile picture, they can also choose a public picture.

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